My name is Adam Sedlmajer and I am a professional water skier from the Czech Republic. I started skiing at 8 years old when I was on a vacation with my parents, and immediately fell in love with the sport. After only a year I started representing Czech Republic on the international level. For several years I competed at the European and World Championships and after multiple titles and podium finishes worldwide, I was recruited to ski for the college team at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I took the opportunity in 2006 and moved state side where I became a member of the most prestigious college team. During my college years, I won 4 national titles, and most importantly got to spend many years among many professional skiers. This has definitely taken my skiing into the next level.

All the hard work paid of in the year 2009, where I finished second in Overall at the World Championship. The very same year, I won the European Championship in Overall and placed third in slalom. Right then I became to realize that I can compete on the top level of the sport in all three events, so I started to participate in every pro tournament I could. In the spring of 2010, I won my first pro tournament in tricks and placed third in another slalom pro tournament. I became the World Champion in Overall, the European Champion in Overall and slalom all in one year!

After graduating college in 2012 with two degrees (undergraduate degree in Marketing, and graduate degree in Business Administration), I moved to Orlando, Florida with the intention of becoming a professional skier. I live with my wife Alex Lauretano on a lake, where we practice every single day. Since becoming a fulltime pro in 2012, I competed on a World Cup circuit in every single event. I also made many podium finishes in pro tournaments, and broke the European Overall record held by legendary Patrice Martin for past 12 years.

In 2013, I was struggling with injuries and had to get a knee surgery to repair my meniscus. After two months of recovery, I wasn’t able to get fully ready for the World Championships, and so I ended up 4th in Overall. The start of 2014 was much better. I made finals at Moomba Masters and was excited to slalom at the US Masters. Unfortunately, I injured my ankle during a practice session, so I wasn’t able to compete in Overall for the rest of the year. However, I was able to place third in slalom at the Europeans right before I underwent an ankle surgery.

At the beginning of the 2015, I decided not to attend the Moomba Masters and rather focus on getting fully back to skiing. This hard work paid off as I was able to improve my PB in jump as well as tricks during the year. At the end of the year, I won the European as well as the World Overall title to celebrate one of the best seasons of my career.

The year 2016 was a very eventful year for me both professionally and personally. I was able to attend a lot of professional tournaments throughout the year and got decent placements in both slalom and jump. Even though European Championships did not go according to the plan, I was able to put everything behind by winning my first ever pro slalom tournament which also qualifies me to compete at the 2017 US Masters. I was also able to improve my personal bests in tricks and slalom and have gotten very close to a new best in jump. At the end of the year I got married to my long time love and ski partner – Alex Lauretano.

Now at the beginning of the 2017, I couldn’t be more happier – I am married, strong, and motivated for what the 2017 season will bring!




European Overall Champion | Canadian Open – 3rd Jump | World Games Slalom Champion | Mapple ProAm Slalom Champion | World Overall Record | European Overall Record | Latrobe Open – 3rd Slalom | Latrobe Open – 2nd Overall | Moomba Masters Overall Champion | Moomba Masters – 3rd Tricks


Moomba Masters Overall Champion | Swiss Pro Am – 3rd Slalom | European Championship – 2nd Overall | US Open Slalom Champion


World Overall Champion | World Championship – 2nd Tricks | European Overall Champion | European Championship – 3rd Slalom | EAME  Skier of the Year | IWWF Skier of the Year


Australian Open – 3rd Slalom | European Championship – 3rd Slalom


Unapproved European Overall Record | Indonesia World Cup – 3rd Tricks | Moomba Masters Overall Champion | Moomba Masters – 2nd Slalom | World Cup Tour – 2nd Tricks


European Overall Champion


EAME  Skier of the Year | European Overall Champion | European Slalom Champion | World Overall Champion | Moomba Masters Overall Champion


Global Invitational – 3rd Slalom | Moomba Masters Trick Champion | Moomba Masters Overall Champion | European Championship – 2nd Overall


World Championship – 2nd Overall | EAME Skier of the Year | Collegiate Skier of the Year | Collegiate Trick and Overall Champion | European Overall Champion | European Championship – 3rd Slalom






Adam Sedlmajer and Alex Lauretano sign with Centurion Boats

(Merced, CA) – Centurion Boats welcomes World Champion and European Overall Record Holder 3-Event Water Skier Adam Sedlmajer to the Factory Pro Team. Prided on maintaining a team of skilled, passionate, character forward athletes; Centurion Boats was ecstatic to add a high caliber individual like Adam Sedlmajer to their distinguished group of factory pros. Adam has a true love for 3-event […]

GoPro’s Social Media ft. Slegehammer

Remember the GoPro: Sunset Ski Slalom video that was posted on GoPro Cameras’ YouTube channel? With over 100,000 views I was fortunate enough that GoPro shared the video all over their social media. And the result? With all of them combined my video got 176,334 likes, 4,318 comments, and 402 shares. So ya, pretty big […]

Win Adam Sedlmajer’s training essentials!

What up people? Since I am in a recovery mode, I decided to give away some of my training essentials that use on daily basis via the Locker Dome social site. If you want a chance to win one of my Camaro wetsuits or IndoBoard Mini Kicktail, sign up for a profile and and earn […]










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