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Best of 2015

The year 2015 was one of the best ones for me yet. I have to admit, it felt great to be back skiing pain free. First time in three years when I stayed relatively injury free for the whole year! A lot has happened, so I bring to you a little recap of what Sledgehammer has been up to in 2015.


Second week of January and I am finally cleared to start skiing after 3+ months off due to an ankle surgery.


Decided not to compete at the Moomba Masters this year and really prepare for the season. Also made a sick edit:

March – April

Bunch of surfing, photoshoots and all that fun stuff while getting ready for the Masters Last Chance Qualifier in May.


May was crazy! First I competed in my first tourney and I was stoked to run 39off right away.

Me and Alex also signed with the Centurion Boats. Something we are still completely stoked about as the Carbon Pro is a true 3event boat making our daily practice whole lot more effective.


And at the end of the month me and Alex both qualified for US Masters in tricks. Something we both did not expect at all. I was super pumped for Alex, not only did she go and placed 3rd at Masters, but most importantly she was able to bounce back from a year of no skiing due to her rheumatoid arthritis.


In June, I was able to check off one item from my Water Ski bucket list. I made it on the cover of the WaterSki Magazine.















I spent the whole July practicing for upcoming European Championships. Also after multiple years and thousands of attempts I finally landed a regular front flip. 


August was awesome. I won the Europeans in overall and got third in slalom. Week after I went to Milwaukee, WI where I placed 4th in a pro jump tournament, Malibu Open, making this my best placement ever in jump!

Psyched abt my 4th place in jump @ the #MalibuOpen | #teamcenturionboats @dthreeskis #camarowetsuits

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September – November

In September I went for a little vacay with my shorty and had a minor set back with injured back. I did come back to compete at Diablo Pro Am, US Open, and couple of two round tournaments. I had some decent scores, but no major placements during that time. I also started to focus all my energy towards this years one and only goal: to win overall at the World Championships. All the hard work paid off double as this years Worlds were the best ones yet for both me and Alex. I won the Overall and on top of that I unexpectedly placed second in tricks after setting my new trick PB and a first time over the 11k mark and all of this in the finals of the World Championships. BOOM!

While on a roll I decided to book a last minute ticket and at the end of November I jumped on a plane to Chile to attend the last pro tournament of the season: the Chile Night Jump. I was stoked to place 4th in my first true night jump event.


And the biggest #WINNING moment of the season came in early December when I got engaged to my shorty!

Last night was the best night of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous but she said yes yo! #domperignon

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I also made an appearance in couple of Czech media outlets. All of which you can check out under “other appearances” on this link

And right now on the last day of December, I am in the Czech Republic enjoying much needed family time and recharging for next season that is coming up really really fast. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and stay tuned for next year. Hopefully it will be another great one!










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